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Martial Arts in and Self Defense Classes in Arlington, VA


In order to provide quality training in  martial arts within Arlington and the surrounding Northern Virginia area, there are a wide range of services that we offer to  our clients.

Along with basic physical fitness  programs, we also offer training for improved mental well-being to both men, 
women and children. We have expert certified martial arts instructors that always deliver  the best traditional Tang Soo Do instruction.

In addition to offering traditional Tang Soo  Do instruction, Capitol Tang Soo Do instructors also provide seminars  throughout the year in the following areas:

(1)  Women's Self- Defense and  Basic Street Smarts

(2)  Children’s Classes and  Parties (CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID)

(3) Tiny Tigers class for ages 4-6, and Little Dragons class for ages 7-8. (CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID)

(4)  Dynamic Stretching for  Athletic Conditioning

(5)  Core and Cardio Interval Training

(6)  Competition Readiness

(7)  Dynamic Sparring and Weapons  Control

All combined, this type of programming ensures  that all of our students are able to develop self- discipline and confidence as  well as a sense of respect for themselves and other people.

We take pride in being the best in the area  and we always pay personal attention to every client. We train in small groups  and give one-on-one instruction for the best learning experience.  Lessons are conducted in a fun and  friendly atmosphere, thus, you can always be assured of the best Arlington and northern Virginia fitness training. 

Come by for a visit, take a tour of our school, meet our instructors and receive two free introductory classes!!  Call 703-815-0245 for information!
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