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Capitol Tang Soo Do – Offering Arlington Fitness

​If you are looking for an outstanding form of physical fitness in Arlington, check out what we offer! Capitol Tang Soo Do is a martial arts company offering martial arts in Arlington, VA with the aim of enhancing your physical and mental health. We started our martial arts studio after realizing that students are able to effectively develop physical and mental capabilities by taking part in martial arts.

6040 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22205

Our business offers traditional Tang Soo Do self-defense classes in Arlington VA to both men, women and children. Tang Soo Do training mainly focuses on the use of open hands and the feet and is self-defensive in nature.  Capitol Tang Soo Do has been in operation since the year 1999, however, the history and tradition of this art form dates back more than two thousand years.

The most fulfilling part of our business is the fact that we are able to help different people develop their mental and physical skill sets as well as their overall health. Through the martial arts training that we offer, people can enhance their defensive skill  as well as their mental alertness - and this is something that is very inspiring to us. Something that makes Capitol Tang Soo Do special is that our students are encouraged to train and progress at their own pace and within their own time schedules, that is, we do not require our students to be on a training contract.

Capitol Tang Soo Do trains at 6040 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205. This location is accessible via metro bus lines and driving, and is less than 1.2 miles from the Ballston Metro Stop on the Orange Line.

Capitol Tang Soo Do serves the entire northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro areas.

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