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About Capitol TSD Martial Arts in Arlington, VA

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Our Instructors:

Master Kristan Mack - 4th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor
Master Kristan Mack has been training and teaching martial arts in Arlington, VA with the WTSDA full time since 1993.  Throughout her career, she has trained directly under WTSDA Founder and Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, Grandmaster Bill Strong and Masters Vance Britt and Joe Scota.   Master Mack is the sole owner and Chief Instructor of Capitol Tang Soo Do and believes in mixing traditional elements of Tang Soo Do, like history and culture, with modern day training elements focusing on strength and technique.  Her goal is  for Capitol to be a family friendly studio where Tang Soo Do and self-defensive classes are offered to all ages and all levels, blending hard work with fun. Her specialties include weapons, sparring and self-defense. 

Christopher Tighe - Cho Dan 
Mr. Christopher Tighe is a certified 1st Degree Black Belt and has trained with Capitol Tang Soo Do since its inception.  He is currently the Head Instructor for Capitol and helps manage all children's programs, as well as programing for adult classes and special events.  His specialties include self-defense and meditation techniques. Mr. Tighe lives and works within Washington DC.

Ed Saul - Cho Dan
Mr. Saul came to both Martial Arts and Yoga late in life, but is now both a Black Belt and certified ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). He is interested in similarities between these two disciplines and how tolder generations may benefit from them.”

Mike Matsko - Cho Dan
Mr. Matsko is currently a Cho Dan hard at work on his E Dan and his favorite elements are breaking- and breaking!

Sharon Lovering - Cho Dan
Ms. Lovering is currently a Cho Dan also hard at work on her E Dan.  She is an Assistant Instructor with all children's programs and her specialties are forms and weapons. 
​What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do is traditional Korean Martial Art, and translated means "the art of open hand and foot self defense". It was developed more than two thousand years ago, and is an art rich with tradition and history.

Tang Soo Do training allows those who train the ability to achieve control and finesse via the mind as well as the physical. Training helps develop discipline as well as self-confidence and a sense of respect, both for one's self as well as for others.  

Our training focuses on the 5 Codes of Tang Soo Do that include:

  • Loyalty to country
  • Obedience to parents
  • Honor friendship
  • No retreat in battle
  • In fighting, choose with sense and honor

7 Tenants of Tang Soo Do:

  • Integrity
  • Concentration
  • Respect and Obedience
  • Self Control
  • Perseverance
  • Humility
  • Indominable Spirit

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